Woohoo, the holidays are finally here and we know you are excited! It is a time for you to relax and re-energise before diving into a new Term, but whether you’re going away or staying home don’t forget how important it is to also keep active, both mentally and physically, so that your mind and body can continue to develop.
Here are some of our “Top Tips” to help keep you moving and healthy these school holidays.

1) Exercise Daily

In this world of technology it can be so easy to stay indoors with iPads, Wii’s and YouTube, while the holidays pass us by. It is essential to make sure that you put some time aside day to do a small bit of intensive exercise and stretching so that you can continue to stay fit and flexible.

2) Keep Your Routine

Yay! No School – that means I can eat junk food, stay up all night and sleep all day right? Think again. We know how tempting it can be to stay up late and sleep in each morning now that you don’t have a strict schedule to keep, but remember that your body currently has as an internal clock set to “school” mode. We highly encourage you to keep the same daily routine including making sure you have a healthy breakfast. Not only will this help to keep you feel energised and get the most out of each day, but will also help the inevitable transition when it’s time to go back to school.

3) Get Some Air

It’s a good idea to try and get out of the house regularly. Not only will this help you get some daily exercise, but your brain will appreciate the different surroundings.
Here are some examples of ways you can get out of the house each day:
• Take the dog for a walk
• Have a day at the zoo / aquarium / wildlife park
• Play in the backyard
• Go to the shops
• Visit the Easter or Sydney Family Shows
• Go to the park
• Kick a soccer ball around the local sports oval
• Go on a day trip to the city and jump on a ferry
• Or join our School Holiday “Dance Blitz” Workshop 😉

4) Use Your Mind

Don’t forget, you should treat your brain like a muscle and like all other muscles it should be kept actively engaged to increase mental development. Reading, writing, crafts and puzzles are all a great way to keep your brain stimulated over the holidays.
Check out some great printable puzzles and DIY crafts here

5) Have Fun!

Last but not least – make sure you do also take time to rest, have fun and get the most out of each day!

~ Miss Candice

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