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Our Director - Miss Candice

* Over 18 years Teaching Experience
* Cert IV in Performing Arts (Vocals & Dance)
* Acrobatic Arts Teacher Accreditation

Candice Arnold is a local mum of two who is fairly well known within the community having grown up, and still residing, in the area. Candice has ongoing involvement with local Community Theatre Companies and is the co-ordinator of the Extra Curricular Dance Programs in many local schools on the North Shore.

As a Dancer from age 3, Candice commenced her Teaching Career at age 15. After graduating from ED5 International in 2009 with a Certificate IV in Performing Arts, Candice performed overseas briefly but soon found that Teaching dance was her true passion and is what motivates her to share her love and enthusiasm for the Performing Arts with not just our Students, but the whole Footloose Performance Studios Family. With an extensive background in both Dance and the Performing Arts, Candice’s mission is to provide her students with excellent dance training while giving them a memorable and positive dance experience they can’t find anywhere else.

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