Q) Do you have an end of year performance?
A) Yes. At the of Term 4 we hold an Annual Performance to celebrate the end of another wonderful year of dance at Footloose. Whilst participation is highly encouraged as performing promotes self confidence and the Performance is always a fun and exciting way for our Students to end the year, we do not make participation in the Compulsory. More information about the Performance is available in our Enrolment Pack and Studio Handbook.

Q) Is there a Uniform?
A) All students are required to wear our Footloose Uniform and additional dance attire in our Studio Colours – Purple, Black and White. Our Footloose Studio Uniform is available for purchase from our Footloose Shop. For more details on what items are required for each class style, see our Uniform Requirements.

Q) Does my child need to wear the uniform for their Trial Class?
A) New students should wear something comfortable that they can easily move in for their Trial Class. A Top and Bike Shorts or Leggings are best.

Q) Why is it necessary to have a Uniform?
A) It is most important students wear proper fitting dance attire to ensure our Teachers are able to easily identify and correct alignment of the muscles. We believe having a Studio Uniform is important in creating a bond between our Students as well as promoting team work and a sense of belonging within our classes.

Q) How much do the classes cost?
A) The price of our classes vary. We recommend completing our Class Enquiry form and we will be in touch with more details.

Q) What is the youngest age you take in your classes?
A) We take students in our Little Stars classes from 2 years old however, they must be confident to work independently from their parent as we do not allow observers in our classes.

Q) Am I able to watch my child’s class?
A) We do not allow anyone to watch regular classes but instead hold Open Weeks throughout the year.

Q) Why don’t you allow parents to watch?
A) There are many reasons why we do not allow anyone to observe regular classes.
Two of the main reasons are stated below:

* To Minimise Distractions – In our experience, when there are observers in the room, the atmosphere of the class changes and the students become quite distracted. When there is no one else in the room, the students are able to better focus on the teacher and the exercises being taught which enables them to develop their dancing skills much faster.

* To Encourage Confidence – We understand that whilst some students may be very independent and confident, there are also some students who are quite shy. When there are observers present, the quieter students can become withdrawn and in some cases shut down completely which inhibits their ability to learning and affects their overall enjoyment of the class.

Please Note: Whilst we have a strict no observing policy, we do allow parents of Little Stars students to watch their child’s trial and the first two weeks of Term 1 to allow the students to become comfortable with their teacher and fellow dancers. It is important that all our students feel comfortable in the classes and while we will not force parents to leave if a child becomes distressed by their absence, if the separation continues to be a problem we may recommend the student is not quite ready for the class.