Welcome to DanceStep!

We are so excited that you are interested in taking your dance experience further by becoming a Student Teacher within our Studio.
Find out more about the features and benefits of our DanceStep Student Teacher Education Program below and when you are ready to take the next step click “Apply Now” to complete your application!
About DanceStep..
  • DanceStep is a 6 Level Student Teacher Program with each Level, or “Step”, taking 1 Dance Year to complete.
  • Joining the DanceStep Program costs $140 per Level/Year. Students are not required to complete all 6 levels, however most generally do. Each yearly payment is split up into 4 x $35 instalments across each Term.
  • When joining DanceStep Students are making a commitment to complete the full year. Students who withdraw from the program mid-year will still be required to pay the remaining amount due for that level.
  • DanceStep Students are required to print and complete the Theory Module workbook in their own time.
  • Students are required to complete a minimum of 20 Practical Assistant Teaching Hours. These hours can be achieved in their assigned Assistant Teaching class, assisting at Studio Events and Performances and by attending scheduled DanceStep Meetings and Training sessions.
  • Throughout the year we may hold additional DanceStep Meetings and Training sessions in which we will focus on practical & team building skills as a group. These will not be compulsory however students are highly encouraged to attend.
The Benefits of DanceStep..

There are many benefits for students enrolled in our DanceStep program –

  • Leadership responsibilities within the Studio
  • Increased confidence
  • Improved work ethic in their own classes
What our DanceSteppers and their Parents say about the program..

“This program and Footloose has been amazing for my Sophie’s confidence! I highly recommend!” – Michelle (Parent 2021)

“Absolutely love being part of the DanceStep team! It has boosted my confidence so much and I’m so grateful for everyone who has helped mentor me along the way!” – Taylah (DanceStep Student – Level 4 2021)

“This is an amazing dance program that encourages young teen dancers to try something new and teach younger students still developing their skills. I’m now on level 2 (out of 4) and it’s so fun for me. I’ve met so many nice people by enrolling into this program and if you are interested in working with younger kids in dance I HIGHLY RECOMMEND!” – Chloe (DanceStep Student – Level 2 2021)

If you would like more detailed information on the DanceStep Program, including what the program is and how it will benefit your dancer, Click Here.