Dance Styles

Little Stars – Preschool Girls aged 2-4yrs
A combination dance class designed for preschoolers in which students learn a variety of basic ballet and jazz techniques through the use of fun and imaginative exercises. Our Little Stars Classes encourage gross motor development with music while keeping the students excited and engaged.

Mini Movers – Preschool Boys aged 3-5yrs
A combination dance class designed for preschool boys in which students learn a variety of basic hip hop techniques through the use of fun and imaginative exercises. Our Mini Movers are a fast paced highly energetic class that develop rhythm & co-ordination while keeping the boys constantly moving and inspiring their creativity.

Shining Stars – Preschool Girls aged 4-5yrs *For students going to Kindergarten in 2019
Incorporating some of their favourite Little Stars exercises, these classes begin to develop more challenging ballet and jazz techniques. Designed for Pre-Kindy aged students, these classes will continue to inspire their creativity while developing their co-ordination and will begin to prepare them for a smoother transition into the next level of classes.

An fun, energetic and popular form of dance in which students learn the fundamental jazz & safe dance techniques and learn how to apply them through a series of warm ups, exercises and funky, upbeat jazz choreography.

Following the Glenwood syllabus, students learn and build on the basic elements of tap which they then use to apply to fun and exciting choreography. In our classes students will learn to combine both traditional “Fred Astaire” style tap with more modern “Tap Dogs” style choreography.

Following the RAD syllabus, students develop strong ballet foundations which they learn to apply to a combination of both classical & contemporary choreography.

Hip Hop
In these classes students learn a variety of street dance movements including how to isolate different parts of their bodies, as well as the latest hip-hop, urban and freestyle choreography.

An expressive form of dance which; using emotive choreography; portrays a particular story, or theme with a strong connection to the lyrics & music.

Razzle Dazzle
A class that incorporates singing, dancing and acting all rolled into one – just like the Musicals you’ve seen on stage – Matilda, Annie, Hairspray, Oliver etc. Students learn to sing & dance in unison, harmonise, seamlessly transition between scenes & songs as well as overall stage performance and presentation.

Following the Acrobatic Arts syllabus, students learn to develop the strength, flexibility and technique required to execute a variety of balances, tumbling and other acrobatic tricks.

Performance Troupes
Our Performance classes are a more specialised class with a primary focus on dance and performance techniques, including performances at Eisteddfods and Community Events. These classes offer students an opportunity to perform more regularly throughout the year. Any student may request to join the Performance Troupe however; a certain level of commitment is required and students must attend at least two other classes. If you are interested in joining the Performance Troupe please contact the Office prior to Enrolment.