School Age Dance Classes

Dance Classes For All Ages And Abilities!

Footloose Performance Studios offer a variety of dance classes for school aged children from 5-18 years. Our number one priority at Footloose is to provide our students with an experience that is more than dance. Our dedicated team of Teachers inspire confidence in our dancers so that they are empowered to reach their full potential. Our inclusive environment not only allows students to progress at their own pace, but also make them feel supported and encouraged to try new skills and achieve their goals. 


International Dance Technique (IDT) Syllabus

Jazz is not only an energetic style of dance that features upbeat, popular music and funky choreography, but also the most popular class style in our Studio. Following the International Dance Technique (IDT) Syllabus, our classes are designed to develop plyometric agility, strength, fitness, flexibility and strong technique in our dancers. Suitable for all ages and abilities, Jazz is where most students start their dance journey as it is a great introduction to the world of dance but most of all, it is simply lots of fun!


Glenwood Tap Syllabus

A percussive style of dance requiring specially designed shoes with metal tap plates attached. Our tap classes follow the Glenwood Tap Syllabus teaching musicality, rhythm and a solid foundation in tap technique. If your child likes to make noise they will love this fresh, fun and energetic class where they get to use their feet as the instrument!


RAD Ballet

Our Ballet classes follow the new revised RAD Syllabus which has been updated to not only continue to teach high standard technique but is more reflective of current trends and therefore more engaging and fun for our Ballet dancers. The syllabus develops strong ballet foundations in core strength, grace and posture that underpins both classical & contemporary choreography in all dance styles.

Pointe & RAD examination classes are also available on enquiry.

hip hop dancers posing on stage

Hip Hop

Hip Hop is an urban style dance class where students learn a variety of street dance movements including isolations, crumping, tutting , break dance and more. This free form dance style originated in New York and is now popular worldwide.

hip hop dancers posing on stage
acro dancer doing a bridge


Acrobatic Arts Syllabus

Following the Acrobatic Arts syllabus, students learn to develop the strength, flexibility and techniques required to execute a variety of balance, tumbling and other acrobatic tricks that can be incorporated in their other dance styles. Students develop strength and flexability as they learn skills in tumbling and limbering. Based on level progressions students not only learn correct acrodance technique, they also work at their own pace under the guidance of our fully qualified teachers to ensure their safety.

lyrical dancers on stage


An expressive form of dance combining Ballet and Jazz technique lyrical dance uses emotive choreography to portray a story or theme. Lyrical is free flowing and rhythmical and generally has a strong connection to the lyrics and music.

lyrical dancers on stage
contemporary dance pose


Contemporary dance is a style of expressive dance that strives to connect the mind and the body through fluid dance movements. Contemporary choreography is strong, abstract and pushes the boundaries of dance technique and improvisation.

circus students juggling balls


Dance Cirque Syllabus

Footloose Performance Studios is the exclusive licensed studio in the Hornsby area for Dance Cirque! 

In our Circus classes students learn fun circus skills including juggling, hula hoops, aerial silks, lyra and more. In a safe and supportive environment students in our Dance Cirque classes develop strength, co-ordination, flexibility and confidence all under the supervision of our fully qualified Cirque Teachers.

Click HERE to find out more about our exclusive Dance Cirque Circus Classes.

circus students juggling balls
musical theatre performers during a scene on stage

Musical Theatre

Musical Theatre performers are known as “triple threats” as they can act, sing and dance. In our Musical Theatre classes our students learn all 3 disciplines as well as stage craft and performance techniques. Confidence and creativity are developed through the use of improvisation and drama games as well as understanding character development with script work. Students learn singing and harmonising techniques and how movement to songs fits the Musical Theatre genre.

dance student doing a leg mount


Stretch, Strength & Technique

SST as the name implies is a class that focusses purely on strength and conditioning and is open to all students who want to further develop and improve their dance technique. Different to other class styles, SST is not a class where students learn choreographed routines but rather a class that purely focuses on strength, flexibility, stretching and learning how to properly execute the techniques required for a higher level jazz routine. 

dance student doing a leg mount
student singing on stage


Group singing classes are a great way to develop your child’s confidence as a performer. In these classes students learn correct breathing techniques, vocal warmups, songs and harmonies as well as microphone techniques. 

Experience the Joy of Dance

Give your child the gift of dance and watch their creativity soar and their confidence bloom as we welcome them into our inclusive dance family.