Adult Classes

Classes that will make you feel young again!

Footloose Performance Studios offer a variety of dance classes for adults. Whether you are a complete beginner or danced in a previous part of your life, all our adult dance classes are fun, supportive and inclusive of all abilities. If you’re looking for a social outing, to improve your fitness and health or just simply have a dance and a good time, we would love to welcome you into our adult dance community!

adult jazz dancers on chairs

Adult Jazz

Adult Jazz classes are a great place to start for any new or advanced adult dancer. Incorporating cardio, stretching, strength, technique and super fun choreography, these classes are a fantastic way to workout with friends.

adult ballerinas posing on stage

Adult Ballet

Beginner, Advanced & Pointe Classes Available

Be the ballerina you were destined to be with our Adult Ballet classes.  From the Barre to the Centre our classes will take you through a variety of exercises that will develop your strength, improve your posture and work on your stamina in a supportive and fun environment.

adult ballerinas posing on stage

Adult Yoga, Pilates & Barre

If you need a moment to stop, pause and reconnect with your health & well-being we highly recommend our Yoga, Pilates & Barre classes. Combining elements of all 3 exercise forms, these classes are low impact with a strong focus on enhancing flexibility, improving posture / body alignment and activating core muscles.

adult tap student

Adult Tap

Improve your musicality and rhythm with this percussive style of dance. Feel like a child again as you tap, brush and shuffle along making music with your feet while you get fit and feel fantastic!

adult tap student

Adult Lyrical

Get lost in the music with this expressive form of dance that combines both Ballet and Jazz technique. Using emotive choreography you will feel a connection to the lyrics & music through movement that is free flowing and rhythmical.